Adidas Marketing Expenses

Marketing Expenses of Adidas and Reebok




Total Marketing expenses
Bn Euros (Adidas & Reebok)
2014€ 1.923 Bn
2015€ 2.348 Bn
2016€ 2.41 Bn
2017€ 2.732 Bn
Adidas Marketing Expenses
Billion Euros
2014€ 1.533 Bn
2015€ 1.897 Bn
2016€ 2.102 Bn
ReebokMarketing Expenses
Million Euros
2014€ 220 Mn
2015€ 267 Mn
2016€ 265 Mn

Total Marketing expenses of Adidas (Adidas & Reebok) in Billion Euros

Total marketing expenses of Adidas (including Point of Sale & Marketing Investments) reached 2.732 billion Euros . It was a rise of around 300 millions over the previous year. This includes the marketing costs of Adidas and Reebok. Over the last four years, its total marketing cost has risen by around 800 million dollars. Higher marketing expenditure reflects the high level of competition in the sports shoe and apparel industry.

Marketing expenses of only Adidas in Billion Euros

Adidas alone incurred more than 2 billion in marketing expenses in 2017. Its strong sales were driven by the strong focus on advertising In the recent years, the brand has focused on marketing to grow its connection with the customers.

Reebok Marketing expenses in Million Euros

Reebok has been spending millions on marketing. From 2014 to 2016, its marketing expenses have increased by 45 millions. A stronger focus on marketing has also helped grow its sales faster.

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The data is sourced from the Annual reports available on investors website of Adidas.

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