Adidas Personnel Expenses 2000-2017

How much does Adidas pay its employees?

Check out how much Adidas spends onĀ  its HR.

Adidas Personnel Expenses in Billions 2000-2017

-------Year---------------Personnel expenses in Billion Euros
20000.63 bn
20010.695 bn
20020.758 bn
20030.709 bn
20040.637 bn
20050.706 bn
20061.087 bn
20071.186 bn
20081.283 bn
20091.352 bn
20101.521 bn
20111.646 bn
20121.872 bn
20131.833 bn
20141.842 bn
20152.184 bn
20162.373 bn
20172.549 bn

Apart from being an attractive sports shoe, apparel and hardware brand, Adidas has also focused on being an attractive employer. It has created an  environment of diversity and inclusion for higher job satisfaction and employee motivation.  In 2017, employees from more than 100 nations work together as a part of a diverse global workforce. To develop a performance culture, the brand has developed a new way of performance development and evaluation. The proportion of women in management roles has also increased at Adidas. However, to manage a competitive workforce you also need to develop a competitive compensation program. Adidas believes in creating a rewarding environment and culture. It has developed a competitive compensation and benefits program.

Its compensation packages comprise of  fixed and variable monetary compensation as non monetary rewards and other intangible benefits. The entire compensation system is market driven and performance oriented.  Its global salary management system is the cornerstone of its rewards program. Apart from that the brand is focusing on training and development programs to help its employees achieve better careers. It is working continuously to improve its remuneration structure. Here is how much it has spent on its personnel from 2000 to 2017. These expenses have grown more than 4 times from 2000 to 2017 from 0.6 Billion Euros to 2.52 Billion Euros.

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