Advertising & Promotions expenses of IBM

How much does IBM spend on marketing - Advertising & Promotions expenses 2001-2017?

The following table shows the marketing (advertising & Promotions) expenses of IBM form 2001-2017. The sums are in millions.

[table id=203 /]

The technology industry and particularly the cloud industry is marked by heavy competition. The intensifying competition has led to higher spending by these brands on the marketing and promotion of their products and services. IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is a major cloud player and sells a wide range of products and services. The brand has increased its expenditure on advertising and promotions in the recent years. In 2017, it spent 1445 million dollars which was 118 million USD higher than its previous years' expenditure on Advertising and promotions.  Its 2016 expenditure on advertising and promotions was 1327 million dollars which was again 37 million dollars higher than 2015.


Annual Reports of IBM

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