Amazon Revenue

Revenue of Amazon Inc 2002-2017 (Including North America, International and AWS)

The following table shows the revenue of Amazon from 2002-2017 (Included net sales in North America, International and that of  Amazon Web Services).

[table id=134 /]

Amazon's net sales in 2017 reached 177.86 Billion dollars. This was an increase of around 42 Billion dollars over the previous year. Amazon's net sales include the product and service sales. Revenue from product sales include the revenue generated from the sale of products as well as related shipping fees and digital media content. Service revenues represent the revenue from the third party seller fees as well as the related shipping fees, AWS sales, certain digital content subscriptions, advertising services and its cobranded credit card agreements.  Net sales increased by 31% in 2017 over the previous year and an impact of 210 million on net sales of foreign currency exchange rates was also recorded. In 2017, the net sales in North America  grew by 33% over the previous year. International sales grew by 23% in 2017 compared to 2016.


Amazon Annual Reports

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