Apple Inc Revenue from China

Apple Revenue from China 2009-2018


The following table shows the revenue of Apple Inc from Chinese market from 2009-2018. Sums are in millions.

YearChina Revenue ($mn)
2018$ 51,942 M
2017$ 44,764 M
2016$ 48,492 M
2015$ 58,715 M
2014$ 30,638 M
2013$ 25,946 M
2012$ 22,797 M
2011$ 12,472 M
2010$ 2,764 M
2009$ 769 M

China is a significant market for Apple which accounted for around 19% of its entire revenue in 2018. Apple's revenue from China for 2018 was 51.9 Billion dollars rising from 44.8 Billion dollars in 2017. China alone is the second largest market for Apple products after U.S.

About Apple:

Apple, the leading technology brand and the maker of iPhone and Mac was founded in1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. In 2018, the brand touched its highest ever market valuation of 1 Trillion dollars. In 2018, its revenue has touched an all time high at 265.6 Billion dollars. From Macbook to iPhone as well as Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac Mini, the brand has brought several technologically innovative and attractive looking products to the market. iPhone is the best selling product in its entire range of products. Apart from that, iPads and MacBooks are also major sources of revenue for the brand. Its product and service range also includes iCloud, Apple Pay, digital content and services.It invests 5% of its net sales each year in R&D. Its research and development costs rose to 14.24 Billion dollars in 2018 from 11.6 Billion dollars previous year. Current CEO of Apple is Tim Cook. Its main competitors are Microsoft, HP, Dell, Samsung and Acer.


Apple Annual reports (form 10K)

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