Audi Vehicles sales

Audi vehicle sales 2000-2017

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In 2017, Audi produced 1.87 million vehicles and sold around 1.53 million vehicles. the production level of Audi vehicles was around 1.3% fewer than the previous year. The revenue from the sales of Audi vehicles was around 60 Billion Euros. The number of units sold remained nearly same as the previous year whereas the revenue increased by around a billion Euros.  From 2001 to 2017, the sales of Audi vehicles has increased by around half a million units of  Audi vehicles.  Audi is among the best selling brands in the portfolio of Volkswagen AG. It is also one of the best selling premium vehicle brands of the world.  Recognized by its four rings, Audi again set a sales record in 2017. In 2018, Audi has unveiled, the new A8 model which is designed for highly automated driving. In 2017, its sales grew the fastest in North America and  China. While Audi itself sold 1.5 million vehicles, its Chinese joint venture FAW-Volkswagen sold additional 552 thousand Audi vehicles. In this way, Audi is a very fast growing premium vehicle brand which is  all set to become the consumers' choice for its focus on technological innovation and style as well as design. The below table summarizes the number of various models that  Audi produced in year 2016 and 2017. It produced 3,25,307 A4s in 2017 and 15,854 A8s. The number of A8s produced in 2017  fell by 8,325 whereas that of A4 fell by 32, 692.

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The data is sourced from the annual reports of Volkswagen AG available on its investors website.

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