Berkshire Hathaway Number of employees

Number of employees at Berkshire Hathaway 2003-2017

The following table shows the number of employees working for Berkshire Hathaway from 2003-2017.

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Berkshire hathaway Inc. is a holding company that owns several subsidiaries engaged in a  variety of businesses. Most important among these are insurance business, freight rail transportation business and a group of utility and energy generation and distribution businesses. Berkshire also owns and operates a large number of other businesses apart from these. These businesses operate independently or on a decentralized basis which means no central HR, marketing or finance function. However, the top management participates in resource allocation, investment and selection of CEOs for each of the businesses.

Berkshire Hathaway is led by Warren Buffett (the Chairman of the board of Directors and the CEO). As of 2017, it had 377291 employees. Very few of them (only 26) are employed at the company's headquarters. The breakup of number of employees working for different businesses owned by Berkshire Hathaway in 2017 was as follows:

Insurance Businesses:47,108

Manufacturing Businesses: 1,65,426

Railroad Utilities and Energy Businesses: 63,773

Service and Retailing businesses: 75,374

Finance Businesses: 25,584

Corporate headquarters: 26


Berkshire Hathaway Annual Reports

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