BMW sales volume by model

Sales Volume of BMW Car Models 2016 and 2017

About BMW:

The BMW group includes BMW AG and all of its direct and indirect subsidiaries. BMW AG is responsible for managing the entire group. Its business is divided into three main segments that include automotive, motorcycles and financial services. It is a global brand that operates more than 150 countries. All brands BMW owns focus on the premium customer segment. The company owns three of the most famous premium vehicle brands in the entire industry including BMW, Rolls Royce and Mini Cooper.

The following tables show the sales volume of BMW car models in 2016 and 2017. Apart from BMW, BMW AG also owns MINI and RollsRoyce. The last table shows the sales volume of electrified models.

[table id=283 /]

BMW sold 2.1 million vehicles in 2017 as compared to 2 million previous year. Of all these models, the ones that  sold in the highest number included BMW 3 series, BMW 5 series and BMW X1. Sales volume of BMW 3  was 409,005 (19.6% of total), BMW 5 series 347,313 (16.6% of total) and BMW X1 at 286,743 (13.7% of total).

[table id=284 /]

MINI is a celebrity brand in the premium small car segment. Its sales in 2o17 was 371,881 units as compared to 360,233, the previous year. The sales volume of MINI Hatch (3- and 5-door) was highest at 194,070 in 2017.

[table id=285 /]

Sales of RollsRoyce cars reduced to 3,362 units in 2017 as compared to 4,011 the previous year. The sales of Wraith/Dawn models was the highest at 2,029 units in 2017.

[table id=286 /]

The sales of electrified  BMW cars has risen very fast from 2016 to 2017. BMW iPerformance was the best selling car model whose sales nearly doubled over the previous year. Its sales rose to 63605 units in 2017, rising from 32,975 units in 2016.


BMW Annual report 2017

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