Coca Cola Employees

Number of Coca Cola Employees 2001 - 2017

HR has become critical to gaining and retaining  a strong position in the industry. Like all major brands Coca Cola too invests a lot in human resource management. It spends a lot on human resource training and management. Coca Cola employees are called associates. In 2017, its total number of associates decreased by around 38% which was a result of refranchising of certain bottling territories previously managed by Coca Cola and that of its Chinese bottling operations.  Here is the number of Coca Cola employees since 2001. With changes in its business strategy the size of its Human resources has also continued to fluctuate. The serial increase in number of employees from 2010 to 2012 was because of increased operations and acquisitions. In 2012, the brand acquired bottling operations in Vietnam, Cambodia, Guatemala and the United States which led to swelling staff size. 2013 saw increased operations in Latin America. From time to time, Coca Cola has also reduced its staff size as a part of its ongoing productivity initiatives. In 2017, US employees were only approximately 20% of its entire workforce whereas their number stood at nearly 50% in 2016. The number of US associates fell to only 12400 in 2017 which was 51000 in 2016.

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Coca Cola Statistics


This data is sourced from the Annual reports (From 10K) of Coca Cola available on its  investors website. (All reports upto 2003)

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