Costco US Revenue

Costco Revenue from US markets 2005-2018

The following table shows the revenue of Costco wholesale from US markets from 2005-2018 (amounts in million dollars).

[table id=163 /]

Costco is one of the biggest players in the US retail industry and one of the biggest competitors of Walmart. Last year, Jeff Brotman, Cofounder and Chairman of Costco wholesale passed away but left behind a legacy os passion and  service. Costco apart from low prices for its members also offers a great work environment for its employees. The brand has continued to perform well despite a challenging retail environment. Its Kirkland signature has become a mark of great quality and value.  In 2017, the brand saw a rise of 7.3 Billion dollars in its revenue from the US markets. Its 2017 revenue from the US market was 93.88 Billion dollars whereas that in 2016 was 86.57 Billion dollars. US is the largest market for Costco with its 518 warehouses operating there.  Its 2017 US revenue was around 72% of the brand's entire revenue.


Data sourced from Costco's annual reports available on its investors website.