Ebay Gross Profit 2011-2017

Gross Profit of Ebay Inc 2011-2017 

The following table shows the gross profit of Ebay Inc. 2011-2017 in Million dollars.

[table id=149 /]

2017 was a significant year for Ebay. The brand showed strong financial performance. Its focus was on bringing differentiated inventory and it also formed new collaborations with Disney, Spring, Shopify and others to bring more unique inventory and brands to its platform. the number of global business sellers on the platform also increased during the year.

Its revenue and gross profits grew during 2017 as compared to 2016. Its gross profits reached 7.34 Billion dollars and compared to  2016, this was a rise of 370 million dollars. Its 2016 gross profit was 6.97 Billion dollars. Profits of the brand have risen continuously since 2015 and E-bay is investing more in R&D as well as marketing. However, the formidable competition from Amazon has made it focus on bringing more unique and differentiated products and services to its platform. At the end of 2017, its E-bay marketplace and Stub-hub platforms had more than 170 million active buyers as well as more than a Billion live listings globally.


Data sourced from the annual reports of E-bay Inc available on its iinvestors website.

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