Ebay Marketing Expenses

Marketing expenses of Ebay Inc 2013-2017

The following table shows the sales and marketing expenses of Ebay Inc, 2013-2017 in million dollars.

[table id=146 /]

Even in the e-commerce industry, marketing expenses have grown because of the intense competition there. the sales and marketing expenses of E-bay mainly include the advertising and marketing program costs (both online and offline), as well as  employee compensation, contractor costs, facilities costs and depreciation on equipment. the online marketing expenses of Ebay include the traffic acquisition costs of various channels like paid search, affiliate marketing and display advertising.  There was an increase in Ebay's sales and marketing costs in 2017 compared to 2016 because of increased brand spending and employee related costs. However, from 2015 to 2017, sales and marketing costs represented 26% of the brand's revenue. In 2017, Ebay spent 2.51 Billion dollars on marketing whereas in 2016, its sales and marketing costs amounted to 2.36 Million dollars.


Data sourced from annual reports of Ebay available on investors website.


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