Ebay Number of Employees

Ebay Number of Employees 2005-2017

The following table shows the number of Ebay Employees 2005-2017.

[table id=150 /]

Ebay defines itself as a competitive, innovative and technology driven business. It believes in creating an environment of diversity, inclusion and trust in which its employees can thrive and achieve their full potential. The e-retail industry is known for intense competition and in such an environment every brand has to hire highly talented professionals so as to win. despite the highly competitive environment of Silicon valley, E-bay has been able to attract highly talented people that are essential to sustain its success. Its attrition rate is low because it values its employees and what they do.

The number of total employees working for E-bay was 14100 in 2017 which was 1500 higher than the previous year.  7300 of these employees were working in US. In 2016, the brand had employed 12600 people out of which 6600 were employed in US.


Data sourced form annual reports of Ebay INc available on Ebay investors website.

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