EBay US Revenue

Ebay Revenue from US markets 2013-2017

The following table shows the revenue of E-bay Inc from the US markets 2013-2017.

[table id=145 /]

E-bay is one of the leading names in the e-commerce  Industry and also an important e-retail brand in the US. Its US revenue was 4.09 Billion dollars in 2017 and that from the international markets was 5.47 Billion dollars. Its US revenue increased by around 200 million dollars in 2017 and the International revenue by around 360 million dollars.  In 2016, its revenue from the US markets was 3.86 Billion dollars. Its 2016 revenue from the International market was 5.1 Billion dollars.


Data sourced from the annual reports of Ebay Inc available on its investors website.


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