Economies and their 2017 GDP

2017 GDP of Countries (Highest to lowest) in Millions

Presented below isĀ  a list of countries and their GDPs in descending order from the highest to the lowest. All sums are in millions. United States is the nation with the highest GDP at 19.391 Trillion dollars. Following U.S. are China, JAPAN, Germany, U.K. India and France. The GDP of United States grew from 18.624 Trillions last year. On the other hand, China economy, the second largest in the world grew from $11.191 Trillion to $12.238 Trillion. (Based on World Bank Report)

Following table shows the GDP's of nations based on World Bank report.

[table id=427 /]

Following table is based on the IMF report. It presents the GDP's of countries in Billions and estimates for 2018.

[table id=430 /]



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