ExxonMobil number of employees

Number of Employees at Exxon Mobil 2000-2017

How many employees work for Exxonmobil?

The following table shows the number of regular employees at ExxonMobil at the end of each  year in thousands.

[table id=212 /]

The number of employees at ExxonMobil has declined a lot from 2000 to 2017. In 2017, the number of employees working for ExxonMobil was 69,600 which was 1500 less than the number of employees previous year. In the last eighteen years the number of regular employees working for ExxonMobil has reduced by 30,000. In 2000 the number of ExxonMobil employees stood at 99600.


ExxonMobil Annual Reports 2000-2017

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