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Facts of binge drinking with Infographics

Binge drinking is seen as a major problem prevalent among the college students. However, its prevalence among the older adults, it seems is even higher. As per the CDC Fact sheet, one  out of six adults in US, binge drinks at least 4 times every month. He consumes at least 8 drinks per binge. The facts presented by CDC show that binge drinking might be more common among the younger adults ( 18-34 age group), still it is the old binge drinkers who binge drink more every month. The binge drinkers aged 65 and above are found to binge drink 5-6 times a month. Apart from it, compared to the lower income groups, the rates of binge drinking are higher among the people with household income of $75000 or higher. Not just this, the adults who drink excessively report at least one binge drinking in the last thirty days.

Binge drinking might be common among the students but 70% of the episodes involve adults aged 26 years or higher. Moreover, the rate of binge drinking is higher among the men than the women, nearly double. In 2010, the cost of excessive drinking to the nation was $249 billion or $2.05 a drink. These losses come in the form of losses due to lost productivity, healthcare, crime etc. Out of these, binge drinking accounted for 77% of the costs. There are several problems associated with Binge drinking. Most common among them include unintentional and intentional injuries, STDs, neurological damage, alcohol poisoning, unwanted pregnancies, etc. More than half of the  alcohol that the adults in US consume, is consumed in binge drinking. There are several problems that arise out of binge drinking. However, most important one is alcohol impaired driving whose likelihood is 14 times higher in the case of the binge drinkers. These are some of the most important facts and issues related to binge drinking. Most of us are already familiar with the results of binge drinking or drinking excessively habitually. Excess of anything is bad and if it is alcohol, chances of losing your mind are greater. Don't lose your mind while you drink. Be moderate.

Binge Drinking Facts

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