Fine-Tuning Argument in Defense of God's Existence

Present the "Fine-Tuning Argument" in defense of God's existence, making the premises and conclusion clear

The Fine tuning argument is among the most common creationist arguments.  Creationists have made three notable points in this regard. They note that there is a vanishingly small probability of :

  • The human race will evolve precisely along the same lines.
  • The earth is going to have the right characteristics essential to sustain life.
  • The universe is going to have precisely the same characteristics required to produce earth.

There are two basic premises underlying the fine tuning argument:

  • Everything that is a part of the system had been fine-tuned by God to work in synchronization.
  • Natural selection cannot explain biological adaptation.

The fine tuning argument has generated lots of controversy and misconceptions. Severe confusion abounds regarding what is fine tuning. Some of the important questions that have been raised repeatedly in this regard are that if the universe is fine-tuned then for what and if most of the universe is uninhabitable then how it can be fine-tuned?  Most of the universe is not just inhospitable but also hostile to life and it is why these arguments have been raised against the fine tuning argument.  Still, there are explanations regarding why the universe is the way it is. It all was set in order by some intelligent being and things did not happen to be the way they are just by chance.  For example someone lands on a planet, say Jupiter and finds things set in perfect order to sustain life. From the planet’s temperature to oxygen and soil for producing food are all set perfectly to sustain life. It is going to be simply like a fully functioning biosphere. Seeing such an environment one would safely conclude that this design must have been created by an intelligent being. Still, objections have been raised regarding the fine tuning argument.

Underlying the foundation of the multiverse hypothesis is the eternal inflation principle. Alexander Vilenkin forwarded this hypothesis which is believed to have several of the problems in cosmology. According to the inflationary model, the universe soon after its emergence, just a fragment of a second afterwards the universe underwent a rapid explosion and then exponential expansion, increasing multiple size in order of magnitude. Andrei Linde further elaborated the idea in 1986, universe reproduces itself indefinitely and that it might have no beginning or end. Another major objection to the fine tuning argument is the normalizability problem. It raises the objection that the fine tuning argument fails because it is not completely improbable. Still, the fine tuning argument makes some strong supporting arguments in the favor of theism. It offers some strong evidence in the favor of theism and against atheism. Apart from that the fine tuning argument can be considered to be a natural inference derived from the facts we already know. It is also an important reason to prefer it against the atheistic arguments. There are other important reasons also to reject the atheistic multiverse argument. One of them is that while theism can explain several of the features of the universe that clearly exhibit apparent design. Atheistic arguments fail to explain these features.  

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