Ford Motor company revenue and Net income

Revenue and Net Income of Ford Motor company

The revenue for Ford motor company for 2017 was 156.8 Billion dollars which was five billion dollars higher than its revenue for the previous year. The source of revenue for the automotive segment of Ford include the sales of vehicles, pats and accessories. Revenue is recorded after the wholesalers and distributors transfer the ownership to the customers. In case of majority of sales this occurs when the products are shipped from the manufacturing centers. It is Ford credit that  finances at wholesale most of the vehicles sold to its wholesalers and distributors by Ford. Interest on finance receivables primarily generates the revenue for the financial services segment of Ford.

The following  tables show the total revenue and net income of Ford motors from 2009-2017.

[table id=62 /]

[table id=63 /]


The data is sourced from the annual reports of Ford motors available on its investors website.

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