How much does Facebook spend on sales and marketing

Facebook Sales and Marketing Expenses 2010-2017

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The following table shows the sales and marketing expenses of Facebook from 2010 to 2018.

YearMarketing Expenses in $Mn
2018$ 7,846
2017 $       4,725
2016 $       3,772
2015 $       2,725
2014 $       1,680
2013 $          997
2012 $          896
2011 $          393
2010 $          167

The sales and marketing expenses of Facebook mainly include the salaries, share-based compensation, and benefits for its employees involved in sales support, sales, marketing, business development as well as customer service functions. These expenses also include the marketing and promotional expenditures of Facebook. The social media platform continues to invest in marketing efforts to build its business, to grow its user base and to increase engagement globally. Over the past four years, its sales and marketing expenses have grown by around a billion dollars each year. From 3,772 Million Dollars in 2016, its sales and marketing expenditures have grown to 4,725 Million Dollars in 2017.


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