How To Build a B2B Brand & Create Sales Using Social Media

You can use social media to build and grow your B2B brand by engaging with your prospects and making more sales. Social media is among the five marketing channels that you can use to generate more sales and make your B2B brand more vibrant.

Regardless of whether your B2B brand is a start-up or is established, it is vital to continually create brand awareness. In this post, you will learn the methods that you can employ to build your B2B brand, increase your revenues and drive more sales on social media.

Below are the methods that you can use in building your B2B brand and creating more sales when using social media.

Knowing Your Audience

Before you come up with a strategy, ensure that you are well conversant with the target audience. The understanding will enable you to resonate and target your audience well using the social media platforms which they frequent. To identify your audience, employ both quantitative and qualitative thinking. 

Begin with viewing your audience abstractly. Similarly, it is crucial to know the problems that they face, websites they enjoy and frequently visit, the connection that brings your target audience together, and the brands and influencers they follow on the platforms. Additionally, be aware of the questions that they regularly ask before making a purchase. Besides, know the reasons behind their social media usage. 

When you have full knowledge of the target prospects, you will understand the reasoning behind purchasing behavior. Also, you will quickly compare your brand with that of your competitor. Similarly, use an analytical and quantitative approach in researching your audience’s interests, age, and location. 

The information will help you in deciding on the products to market and share more on social media platforms. You can use the statistics from Google Analytics to get this vital information. When you understand your audience, deciding on the things which you can accomplish on your networks will be easier. 

Have Goals

You can have different goals from driving traffic to your blog to growing the outreach of your products on social media. When you clearly understand your target audience, you can decide on the metrics to employ to reach your goals. When you have a goal of bringing more followers to your social media platform, track the page views, post clicks, bounce rate, time spent on the site, and the traffic sources of your audiences.

To measure the clicks on a post on your website, employ a link management tool to know the variety of the content which intrigues your audience. Also, you will be aware of what can work for you, and the methods that you can engage in tweaking the information to grow your strategies. When your branded link gets clicked, track the browser, device, traffic source, the type of visitor(whether non-unique or unique), the geographic location, and the track of time on the website.

Doing so aids in diagnosing the performance of your content on social media platforms in addition to attracting traffics. Employ Google Analytics to track the behavior of a user when they visit your site. You will know if your content was engaging by measuring the time they take on your website and their viewed pages before they log out of your site. When you know your audience and the tools of measuring your efforts, then start posting.

Getting Controversial

When posting your products on social media platforms, avoid being predictable. Your predictability will not help you to realize brand development and growth on social networks. Have the habit of knowing your audience and explaining your personality and the goods that you are offering them.

You will not grow your brand if you only focus on the metrics and selling. Ensure that you build conversations with prospects while using social media platforms. You can decide to chat humorously and informally with your audience to make them feel appreciated and part of the success of the business.


Although there are disputes on the frequency and the period of time that you can take before posting on social media platforms, be retentive and consistent in your posts. Post often and avoid chaos in the last minute decisions and calendar as you will not achieve the likes, comments, shares, and the brand awareness that you deserve. Have your specific and distinct timing in posting your products and services.

Tune your followers and provide them with varied daily content. Doing so will enable you to create expectations, and you will grow your brand. Employ the tool in planing your focus on the social media platform, time, and posts. When you plan, you will come up with a brand story, and your business will grow.

Revealing Your Personality

Your B2B brand has the opportunity of getting cheeky and sassy on social networks. Although it is not common in branding, come up with a controversial voice without stretching your honesty limits. When branding, learn to use “our,” “we,” and “I” in your conversations to avoid getting viewed as a robot. The prospects want to interact and engage with you on the website. 

Focus On Benefit Provision

You ought to have your focus on the benefits that you can provide to the prospects. Instead of focusing on telling the audience to make a purchase, narrate the consumer’s and your story, and focus on the ways that you will employ in benefiting them. Additionally, make your messages stronger by using the prospect’s testimonials.

Doing so will not only advocate for your brand strongly but also inspire and trigger more purchases by both the new and frequent prospects.

Feature The Customers

Decide on featuring your consumers by employing the user-generated content. It is hard to get pictures featuring consumers who are using your product especially when you are a start-up. Instead, have promotions and discounts and send them to your consumers and encouraging them to post their pictures while using your products. When you do this, you will show your facilities in addition to attracting new customers.

Taking a Stance

Brand authenticity is valued more by the millennials over the content, which means that they prefer a distinct brand. You can decide to pick on a corporate responsibility to use as the core in your branding. Showcase this on social media by taking a picture of people wearing a t-shirt that has your logo and post it on your accounts. Let your B2B brand get known through embedding corporate social responsibility in your branding.

You can decide to get involved in the training and education of the vulnerable in society and use it as a branding tool. Similarly, hold seminars and teach the locals on benefits of conserving the environment and help them plant trees. When you do so, your brand can create an environment where customers can easily relate to it. Find something that is unique and stick to it. When your brand is unique, it will attract more prospects. Furthermore, marketing will be easier for you when your brand is set up.

Working With Influencers

Influencer marketing can help you build your B2B brand on social media platforms. More people trust the influencers as much as they trust their friends. Thus when you engage them, you will not only brand the business but also drive more sales. Utilize their power and let them feature your goods in their short videos or photos. Additionally, encourage them to narrate an engaging and unique brand story.

Similarly, you can encourage them to help you get honest reviews of your goods and give you more insight into the ways that you can use to increase sales using social media.

Create Enticing Content

To brand well, come up with content that will entice and educate your audience. Have a compelling content that will lure your audience into purchasing your products. Additionally, come up with value-adding content. Offer them tutorials and guides on the usage of your products.

Conversion Of Loyal Clients

It is vital to not only rely on the influencers but also your loyal customers. Use the existing prospects to help you in the promotion of your products and give them giveaways and discounts. To find the individuals who post the content of your brand, you can use a hashtag or a keyword search on the materials that are related to your brand on social media platforms. 

When you get the search results, scroll down, and you will find individuals that you have not yet contacted. Choose an appealing photo featuring your goods, check the profile of the individual, and engage them further, and if they agree, add them to your brand advocates.

Social media provides the platform that you can use in building your B2B brand, and you should not be very serious or boring while using it. You can use this platform to meet, learn, and interact more with the target audience. Avoid getting scared of taking your B2B brand on social media; instead, think of the ways that you can employ to make your brand great using social networks.

About the Author:

Kevin Gardner graduated with a BS in Computer Science and an MBA from UCLA. He works as a business consultant for InnovateBTS where he helps companies integrate technology to improve performance. He shares his knowledge and expertise regularly with his clients, fellow bloggers, and readers. 

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