Is your personal brand complex? Update it

A branding strategy for your personal brand

In an age of brands, the thing we need to care about is our personal brand. In our daily lives, we come across several brands. From our shoes to cellphones, each one is from one of our favorite brands. Every brand follows a distinct business strategy. From personal to professional lives focus on our personal brand is important to be successful. Unless you know your personal brand, you would not be able to market and sell it successfully.  Marketing your personal brand skilfully spells success for you. The attractiveness of your personal brand also decides your demand. Not just this, it decides the level of success you can achieve. Your personal brand must not appear too complex from outside or you may find it difficult to market it to others. So, having a branding strategy is good and that can simplify many complexities in your personal lives.  There are some questions you can use to develop a personal branding strategy which will help you do better in your personal life.

What makes your personal brand different?

Ans: Uniqueness can be a great branding strategy. Several people who are used to come across have unique traits that you know them by. Have you ever focused on your own unique traits. You should know how different you are from the others. Your unique traits help you with several things and most of all competition. Uniqueness makes marketing of your personal brand easier. If you have some uniqueness you have a distinct identification. So, first of all know what makes you unique and better than the competitors. This is the first step of developing a great personal branding strategy.

What is your pitch?

Like the sales pitch that most of the brands have, you too must develop a pitch. Well, it is just like telling in a line that what’s so sizzling about you. And, the best style of promoting your personal brand – word of mouth. When others talk, you sizzle. Your personal brand is marketed the best when others talk of you. You may not necessarily be the talk of the town but still people talk of you. So, a sales pitch helps you moderate your marketing and promotional strategy according to your target market.  

What is your real power?

What is your real strength? Or what really makes your impression last? Sometimes it is your physical attraction, the charm of your personality, your style, reputation or even your influence on the others. These are the sources that you derive your power from. You should use them intelligently and skilfully. Be responsible when you use your source of power.

What does loyalty mean for you?

Loyalty has an important meaning when it comes to personal branding. It is important to be loyal to one’s personal brand and to act in its favor. Sometimes it may mean being a bit selfish but of that is good for your personal brand’s health then fine. You are loyal to your most favored brands in real life. It is equally important that you are loyal to your personal brand and your network.  

Where does your brand’s future lie?

Future does not necessarily lie at a vertical height. Several times you may have to move cursorily or travel along a horizontal plane to hit your target. Watch all sides to see your future. It is more of a maze or a labyrinth, but no need to feel lost. There is no lift to pick you from the bottom and place you at the top but you can reinvent yourself to find new paths. Most important thing is to take charge of your personal brand. All lies in caring for your personal brand. The strategy you follow determines the level of success you can achieve. You can be a charismatic brand, a loved brand, a powerful brand and all that you wish to be. Without a clear cut strategy, you may remain lost in the maze. Develop your personal branding strategy and find yourself out.