Markets with largest number of ZARA stores


The following table shows the markets with the highest number of ZARA stores.

[table id=330 /]

Spain, the home market of ZARA is its largest market with the highest number of stores (306), as of 2017. China is the second largest market with 183 stores, followed by France at 127 and Italy at 104. USA had 87 ZARA stores and UK 65 in 2017.

ZARA is a leading fast fashion brand and the oldest one in Inditex's portfolio. In the recent years, ZARA has expanded its empire fast globally. Apart from a growing physical presence with retail stores in 96 markets, its online presence has also grown spanning 48 online markets. Number of ZARA stores globally was 2,251 in 2017. It decreased to 2,238 in the first half of 2018. Its 2017 revenue was 16,620 Million Euros and in the first half of 2018, it is at 12,025 million Euros.

ZARA's fast fashion model relies upon an integrated supply chain and a large team of skilled designers. Hailed widely as efficient and effective, ZARA's business model is also customer centric. Apart from well designed stores, ZARA is investing in technology to provide its customers with a superior shopping experience. It creates fashion for men & women as well as kids. However, it is among the most affordable brands by Inditex. ZARA's stye reflects the trends in the world of music and technology and all the other exciting things happening in the modern world.


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