Microsoft Advertising Revenue

Microsoft Revenue from Advertising 2010-2017

The following table shows the revenue of Microsoft from advertising from 2010 to 2017. Amounts are in millions.

[table id=185 /]

While Microsoft's main source of revenue are its Microsoft Office System and the server products and tools, advertising is also a significant source of revenue for it. Its advertising revenue has grown quite fast having increased by more than 2 Billions in last three years. Its 2017 revenue from advertising has grown to 6.97 Billions from 6.1 Billions in 2015. In 2014, Microsoft's advertising revenue was 4.56 Billions. Acquisition of Linked IN enabled Microsoft to advertise before a larger customer base. Search advertising primarily includes Bing and Bing ads whereas display advertising primarily involves MSN. Apart from that it has agreements with Oath for providing and monetizing search queries.


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