Microsoft Revenue

Revenue of Microsoft Corporation 2002-2018

The following table shows the revenue of Microsoft Corporation from 2002 to 2018. Amounts are in millions. 

[table id=180 /]

Microsoft's total revenue by the 3rd quarter of 2018 - 80.27 Billion USD.

Microsoft is among the leading names in the technological industry. Apart from Windows and MicrosoftOffice, the brand is also known for its cloud services where it is engaged in tough competition with Amazon and Google. This is the era of intelligent computing, intelligent clouds and AI. Microsoft is trying to take the lead position while facing formidable competition from all sides. In 2017, it delivered 90 Billion dollars in revenue which was around 4.6 Billions higher than its revenue in 2016. Its 2016 revenue was 85.32 Billion dollars. The brand is continuously investing in research and innovation to remain at the edge of technological growth. The main sourced of revenue for Microsoft are as follows:

  • licensing and supporting an array of software products,
  • wide range of cloud based and other services for individual and business consumers.
  • devices that integrate with cloud based services.
  • Advertising before an online audience.

2018: By the third quarter of 2018, Microsoft's revenue had increased 80.27 Billion USD which was more than 9 Billions higher than its revenue during the same period last year. Its revenue by the third quarter in 2017 was 70.97 Billion USD.


Annual reports of Microsoft available on its investors website.

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