Mission and Vision Statement analysis of Google

An analysis of Mission and vision statements of Google:

Mission and vision both are important for running an organization as per its objectives and towards a healthy future. A mission simply means the mission the company is trying to achieve or the cause it stands for. A  vision is how the company visualizes its future. It is also the company's strategic direction. The mission is the reason behind the company's existence and the vision provides guidance over how to reach where it is destined for. Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. So, at the end Google aims to make the internet an enriching experience.

It is why Google has become such a familiar name to us all. Whether it is to do your homework, to find the nearest dentist or to get advice on pet-care, you can find any kind of information and help on Google. Just a click and all the information is there before you. Despite it sometimes after searching, you do not find the precise information you are looking for. You keep searching and searching the sources and find just some hints matching your query. This means that despite there being more than 30 million websites on the web, there is scope for more. You do not know what small information can come handy some time. All of this information cannot be stored on your computer; forget the human mind. There are websites of all kinds that serve various purposes but Google is still central to the entire system. There are other search engines too but most people think of Google first to search for information.

Google Mission and Vision
                                                            Google: a smarter search engine

Google is a customer oriented company and virtually everyone in the world is its customer. It is because the world has entered the information technology era and information is valuable. In several corners of the world where technology and internet are still not available, Google might not be a very familiar name. However, the light of education and technology will be in all the corners of the world some day and Google’s motto is to enrich the internet as much as possible. Google used to be a name, now it is a name synonymous to search. Among the millions of websites, several are dedicated to education, several fun and entertainment, several to retail and similar more things including healthcare.  So, Google’s motto is not just to organize the world’s information, it aims to make it accessible and useful. A piece of data is not useful unless it can be found by the right person at the right time. You need to know about White Tigers and someone provides you with information about mammoths; you are disgusted.

So, Google is solving three problems at a time. It is organizing the world’s information. It is making it accessible. You are not charged to search. It is making the information that lies hidden in the various corners of the internet useful. However, it is not doing it just for fun because that is not Google’s business. It is into an intelligent venture. Meanwhile, it also earns from the ads it serves across these millions of websites. Everyone knows Google’s search engine is more efficient than the other ones. Google’s mission statement states in a single line the purpose that Google is there for. It precisely states why Google exists, what it does and how it does the thing. So, Google’s mission statement is precise as well as succinctly stated. However, Google does not officially reveal its vision statement. If you carefully look, you will find that Google’s mission statement also serves as its vision statement. It is because this is the direction that Google is set in. There is much more information and data that is still not on the internet and so it is something that Google is continuously working to achieve. This is also its strategic direction. This is Google’s business and also the future of the world when it will be able to access every kind of information on the web.

Many other companies too do not reveal their vision statements. It does not mean that they do not have one. They all have a vision of the future. Many times they also need to change their direction as per the need. However, the future is just as difficult to define as it is to achieve. When writing their vision statements what most companies do is to note their future direction and goals and how they can achieve it. An analysis of Google's mission statement shows that it is a short and succinct mission statement that highlights the central idea behind Google. However, what it does not sum up is the other businesses of Google like social media (Google plus), Adsense, cellphones etc. Despite being succinct, the mission statement is narrowed down to include only its core business. If Google decides to make its  vision statement official it must concentrate on the other areas too like corporate social responsibility,  technology etc. Google has a specific mission statement that is both too narrow and too broad at the same time.

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