Net Revenues and Net Income of Toyota

Toyota Net Revenue and Net Income 1998-2017

The table below shows the Net revenue and Net income of Toyota during the period from 1998-2017. the amounts are in Billion yen.

[table id=87 /]

The Net revenue of Toyota for the year 2017 equalled 27597 Billion yen or 256.5 Billion dollars. The net income in the same year totalled 1831 billion yens or 17 Billion dollars. Its 2017 revenue was around 800 million yen less than the previous year. In 2016, the brand earned 28403 Billion Yen or 264 Billion US dollars. The Net Income of Toyota in 2016 was 21.5 Billion US dollars. the table below shows Toyota's revenue from various market regions. Japan and North America are the biggest source of revenue for Toyota followed by Asia and Europe. In 2017, Toyota earned 14831 Billion Yen from Japan and 10239 Billion Yens from North America.

[table id=88 /]


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