Number of Microsoft Employees

Number of Employees at Microsoft 2005-2018

The following table shows the number of employees working for Microsoft from 2005 to 2018.

[table id=184 /]

The number of employees at Microsoft has increased fast during the recent years. The tech industry has grown highly competitive and brands are also competing to hire the best employees and grow their talent pool and better results. In this highly competitive environment, hiring as well as retaining the best employees requires great care and attention. Apart from competitive salaries and perks, you also need to provide them a great work environment that empowers them and encourages them to achieve their potential. In 2017, the number of employees working for Microsoft increased to 124000 out of which 73000 were working in US and 51000 were working internationally. the total number of employees working for Microsoft had increased by 10000 over the previous year. Their number had increased mainly in US. The brand hires a mix of university and industry talent. In the tech industry highly talented technical professionals and computer engineers and scientists are in very high demand because the growth and productivity of a brand depends on the productivity of its employees.


Annual Reports of Microsoft

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