Research and Development Expenses of Audi

Audi Research and Development Costs

How much does Audi spend on research and development?

Audi's Research and development costs touched 3809 million Euros or 4.7 Billion US dollars in 2017. This represented a decline of 600 million Euros over the previous year and it has happened because of increased R&D efficiencies of the brand. In 2016, it spent around 4400 million Euros or 5.5 Billion Us dollars on research and development. Out of the 3809 million Euros thatĀ  the brand invested in R&D, 17% was invested in basic/cross area topics, 55% in expansion and updating of conventional model portfolio and 28% on future topics. Audi employed 13672 people in research and development in 2017. The R&D ratio of Audi represents the ration of R&D costs to total revenue remained at 6.3% in 2017.

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This data is sourced from the annual report of Audi to be found on theĀ  investors website of Volkswagen.

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