Toyota consolidated financial summary

Consolidated Financial Summary of Toyota 2008-2017

The below table shows a consolidated financial summary of Toyota for the period from 2008-2017.

Consolidated Vehicle Sales (thousands of units)8913756772377308735288719116897286818971
Net Revenues (billions of yen)26289.220,529.5018,950.9018,993.6018,583.6022,064.1025,691.9027,234.5028,403.1027,597.10
Operating Income (Loss) (billions of yen)2,270.30-461147.5468.2355.61,320.802,292.102,750.502,853.901,994.30
Income (Loss) before Income Taxes (billions of yen)2,437.20-560.4291.4563.2432.81,403.602,441.002,892.802,983.302,193.80
Net Income (Loss) (Note 1) (billions of yen) 1,717.80-437209.4408.1283.5962.11,823.102,173.302,312.601,831.10
Common Shares Cash Dividends (billions of yen)443.2313.5141.1156.8157.7285522.9631.3645.5627.5
Cash Dividends per Share (yen)14010045505090165200210210
Payout Ratio (%)25.967.438.455.629.628.72928.334.6
Value of Shares Repurchased [shareholder return] (Note 2) (billions of yen)69.9---------180293.3639.3449.9
R&D Expenses (billions of yen)958.8904725.3730.3779.8807.4910.51004.51055.61037.5
Depreciation Expenses (Note 3) (billions of yen)1,042.401,072.101,032812.3732.9727.3775.9806.2885.1893.2
 Capital Expenditures (Note 3) (billions of yen)1480.21302.5579642.3706.7852.71000.71177.41292.51211.8
Total Liquid Assets (Note 4) (billions of yen) 4125.43324.14656.34943.44968.15883.17661.98508.29229.99199.5
Total Assets (billions of yen)32,458.3029,06230,349.2029,818.1030,650.9035,483.3041,437.4047,729.8047,427.5048,750.10
Toyota Motor Corporation Shareholders’ Equity (billions of yen)11,869.5010,061.2010,359.7010,332.3010,550.2012,148.0014,469.1016,788.1016,746.9017,514.80
Return on Equity (%)14.5-
Return on Asset (%)5.3-
(Note 1) Shows “Net income (loss) attributable to Toyota Motor Corporation” (Note 2) Value of common shares repurchased (shareholder return on Net Income for the period, excluding shares constituting less than one unit that were purchased upon request and repurchases made to avoid dilution of shares) (Note 3) Figures for depreciation expenses and capital expenditures do not include vehicles in operating lease (Note 4) Excludes financial subsidiaries


This data is taken from the annual reports of Toyota available at its investors website.

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