Twitter Research and Development Expenses

Research and Development expenses of Twitter 2010-2017

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The following table shows the research and development expenses of Twitter from 2010-17.

[table id=341 /]

In the past three years, Twitter has seen significant financial growth. Its net losses have also decreased considerably in the meantime. Concerns related to social media and user privacy have grown causing higher regulatory pressure on social media networks. However, Twitter's focus has remained on R&D for better user experience and faster growth. Its R&D spending was highest in 2015 at 806 million dollars. In 2016 it was 713 and in 2017, 542 million dollars.

About Twitter:

Twitter is a leading social media platform with a large user base. Globally, it has around 330 million active monthly users. The brand has seen fast operational and financial growth in the recent years. In 2017, its most focus remained on simplifying its services for higher user convenience. It encourages public discourse and self expression. As a social media platform, Twitter has created a very unique experience involving real time conversations and content distribution. Major part of Twitter's revenue comes from advertising. Despite growing competition and rising regulatory pressure, Twitter has continued to focus upon research and innovation for higher user convenience and engagement. Its main competitors include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and other social media platforms including snap and oath.

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