Volkswagen Research and Development expenses

Research and Development Expenses of Volkswagen 2007-2017

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This table shows the Research and Development costs incurred by Volkswagen AG each year from 2007 to 2017 in Billion Euros. In 2017, the brand spent 4.8 Billion Euros on Research and Development, an increase of 100 million Euros over the previous year. At the end of the reporting period, VW employed 12332 people in this area. The Research and development ratio or the R&D ratio shows the R&D expenses of Volkswagen as a percentage of its sales revenue. Increase in sales revenue and declining expenses led to lower R&D ratio than the previous year. The R&D ratio for 2017 was at 6.7%. The R&D costs include a range of expenses that  include the personnel costs of the people employed in R&D as well as the development of marketable and sustainable products. Special emphasis remains at Volkswagen on  the environment friendly orientation of VWs product portfolio. Investment in R&d is important for the future viability of the company and for its sustainable growth and competitive profitability. VW also entered a partnership with a Chinese car company Anhui Jianghuai Automobile (JAC) with regards to e-mobility  and this joint venture includes the construction of a new factory and an R&D center.


The data is sourced from the annual reports of Volkswagen AG to be found at its investors website.

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