Walmart Advertising Costs

Advertising Costs of Walmart 2001-2018

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The following table shows Advertising Expenses of Walmart in Billion dollars (2001-2018).

YearAdvertising Costs ($bn)
2018$ 3.1 Bn
2017$ 2.9 bn
2016$ 2.5 bn
2015$ 2.4 bn
2014$ 2.4 bn
2013$ 2.3 bn
2012$ 2.3 bn
2011$ 2.5 bn
2010$ 2.4 bn
2009$ 2.1 bn
2008$ 2.0 bn
2007$ 1.9 bn
2006$ 1.6 bn
2005$ 1.4 bn
2004$ 1.0 bn
2003$ 0.7 bn
2002$ 0.6 bn
2001$ 0.6 bn

Walmart is one of the big brands that  spend heavily on advertising. Its advertising expenditure has grown several times in the last 17 years. The advertising costs of Walmart grew from 0.6 Billion dollars in 2001 to 2.9 billion dollars in 2017. This is a nearly five times increase. While Walmart already has a string brand image and market presence in US, it still invests heavily in the marketing of its brand for attracting new customers, achieving higher sales and to retain its customers. From 2016 to 2017, its advertising expenses grew by more than 400 million dollars. Walmart is the biggest retail brand of the world whose value proposition is based on the lowest prices in the market. This is an attractive value proposition but still growing competition from Costco and e-retailers has brought excess competitive resource reducing which is impossible without investing in marketing and advertising. This is why Walmart has kept increasing its marketing investment year by year.


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