Walmart Year 2018 in Figures

Walmart Retail: Year 2018 in Figures

A Summary of Walmart's financial Performance in 2018:

Walmart's financial performance has continued to grow better in 2018.  The brand reached higher than 500 Billion dollars in revenue for the first time. Apart from it, Walmart's financial performance across several other areas too was great. Walmart has continued to innovate and digitize the inside the store shopping experience for higher customer convenience. It has partnered with google to provide personalized voice shopping. The number of Walmart stores worldwide is higher than 11,700 and its E-commerce sales have also grown fast in 2018. US is the main market for Walmart and in 2018, its revenue from US has continued to grow reaching past 380.6 Billion US dollars. Learn in detail about Walmart's performance in 2018 from the following infographic.

2018 was an year of great financial performance for Walmart. For the first time, the retail giant got to cross the 500 Billion dollar mark in terms of total revenue. Net sales reached 495.8 Billion USD. In the meantime, it has continued to work on extending its presence globally through its retail stores and e-commerce websites. Walmart serves nearly 270 million customers through its 11718 stores and several e-commerce websites operational under 65 banners in 28 countries.

The retailer has continued to innovate so as to lower its prices further for its customers. Since, the retail environment has grown highly challenging, apart from everything innovating the customer experience matters. In 2017, Walmart deepened its focus on customer experience. It is investing in digitization so as to improve its customer experience further. Some of the key highlights of its fiscal 2018 performance apart from best ever net sales and revenue were as follows:

$11.5 Billion from Walmart US e-commerce sales (growth of 44%).

Operating cashflow of $28.3 Billion.

14.4 Billion dollars returned to shareholders through dividend and share repurchases.

$10.1 Billion capital expenditures.

Apart from Walmart US, sales and revenue also grew across the two other segments - Walmart International and Sam's club.  Revenue form Walmart International grew to 118.1 Billion dollars whereas that from Sam's club grew to 59.2 Billion dollars. In 2017, revenue from Walmart International was 116.12 Billion dollars whereas that from Sam's club was 57.37 Billion dollars.

2017 was special for several other reasons also. Walmart acquired Modcloth in March and Bonobos in June. The brand also took several other steps for faster e-commerce growth. Apart from opening a new e-commerce fulfilment centre in Florida, the brand also launched its Sam's Club global flagship store in China on

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