Walt Disney Operating Income from each business segment

Walt Disney Operating Income from Each Business Segment 2001-2017

The following table shows the operating income of Walt Disney from each of its four business segments - Media networks, Parks & Resorts, Studio entertainment, Consumer Products & Interactive media from 2001-2017.

Walt Disney's business is divided into four major segments that include Media Networks, Parks and resorts, studio entertainment as well as consumer products and interactive media. The first table shows the distribution of Operating Income from 2007-2017 and the second from 2001-2006.

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2017 versus 2016.

Operating Income of Walt Disney from Media Networks fell in 2017 compared to 2016 whereas that from Parks and resorts rose. Operating income from the other two business segments studio entertainment as well as Consumer products & Interactive media was also lower this year compared to the previous year. 2017 Operating income of Walt Disney from Media Networks was 6,902 Million dollars compared to 7,755 Millions previous year. Its operating income from Parks and resorts rose to 3,774 Million dollars compared to 3,298 Million dollars in 2016. In the studio entertainment segment, the operating income for 2017 was 2,355 Million dollars versus 2,703 Million dollars previous year. Across the consumer products and Interactive media segment, the operating income was down from 1,965 Million dollars in 2017 to 1,744 Million dollars in 2016.


Walt Disney Annual Reports 2001-2017

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